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Welcome to the Banded Berlin's US online shop.  
Banded-Berlin bracelets are produced using high quality nickel-free stainless steel wristwatch bands upcycling a timeless design into fashionable keepsakes. Our bracelets are element-friendly as they are waterproof, UV and scratch resistant.

 We are an eco-conscious company based in Berlin Germany. Our bracelets are designed and manufactured  in Berlin for our European customers and Los Angeles, California for our North American customers .

Apart from our online destination we have a presence at artisanal markets around the world, including: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Ibiza, Spain; Perth, Australia; Berlin, Germany; Tel Aviv, Israel; Los Angeles, California; and London, England. See our markets page for a market near you. Below is a selection of our best selling bands to help start your navigation through our collection. We're Available on board all Lufthansa flights worldwide, Eurowings and SunExpress airlines.

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